Keyless Entry and Access Control systems are designed specifically for enabling administrators and managers to regulate and grant access to secure areas. The benefit of using keyless entry or access control systems is that to allow the administrators and managers to control access to secure areas through physical, electronic, offline, online and wireless solutions. Russell Security offers a wide range of keyless entry and access control products and service, ranging from card access to digital keypads.

Going keyless is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase security. Keyless entry and Access Control Systems have many benefits, including the ability to use your own personal code upon entrance, or the efficient option to simply push a button to lock or unlock your home residence or office building. Please give us a call at 763-682-1253 for more information or to schedule a service call today!  Our Keyless entry and Access Control Systems include, but are not limited to:

Keypad Entry, Digital Keypad Entry (with key over-ride), Card/Key Fob Access, Mobile Access, Video Intercom Systems, and Telephone Entry Systems.